There’s something I’ve only just recently learned. It was an epiphany I had when I was preparing for a night of playing World of Warcraft (my latest addiction). Some of you gamers might start laughing as soon as they read what I’m about to say, because it’s just so damn obvious.

But let’s say I’m a slow learner. Surely by now you must be wondering what my new found wisdom might be. Well –dundundun…

The amount of games I play is directly related to the amount of schoolwork I have to get done. And that’s not even a joke.

I can go for months without touching a game, even if I have a stack of new (or very old) shiny games that are just begging me to play them. There’s been years that I’ve only booted up my Xbox because I got the e-mail notice that my Gold subscription was about to expire. A subscription that I pretty much ‘forgot’ to use up till that point. These are usually months when I’m just at the start of a new period in school, or right after my exams. Times when there’s no deadlines, no looming exams and nothing to actually do.



And then there’s crunch time. Take now, for instance. I’m at that point where you have to get your Master’s Thesis done. The point where you’re trying to finish up the very last of your classes before you get your degree and diploma. Right now I should be bent over humongous tomes full of wisdom, instead of collecting wisdom tomes in WoW. It’s that time where my days should be filled with endless summarising, typing and reviewing of my literature. And here I am, wondering how I can get one of those awesome mounts I see people rushing by on.

At first I thought it might be a coincidence, me subscribing to WoW after years of denying its existence. Of course it wasn’t. This game steals your time. It reduces the hours in a day to such a ridiculously low amount that no sane person could be expected to actually get some work done. Perfect if you’re a student that is desperately trying to avoid actually studying. And yes, I will be blaming WoW for my impending scholarly failure. Like a true gamer.

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